The Scholarship

We're excited to offer two scholarships for our Full-Time ProEd Web Development and Part-Time Web Development classes. We will be awarding 50% off tuition for a Women in Tech and also a Diversity in Tech Scholarship. We're looking for individuals who demonstrate grit, have a passion for learning, and empathy. Previous coding experience is not required, however they're expected to complete all prep work before day one of class.

Women in Tech Scholarship

From the mid 1800's to 1945 women played a significant role in conceptualizing and developing the computer programming field. Grace Hopper, who served in the Navy, had a breakthrough and built COBOL, the first programming language to use words rather than numbers. It wasn't until the 1980's that women majoring in Computer Science started to decline. We would like to change that. This scholarship is in place to promote more women in computer programming.

Opportunity in Tech Scholarship

We believe it's important to support all groups in pursuing a career in tech. With diversity in the workplace we can truly empathize, create, and solve problems for the people we are building products for. We define diversity as all the ways in which we differ. These dimensions include, but are limited to: age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, income, mental/physical abilities, ethnic heritage, education, or military experience.

Award Information

Awarded: 50% Off Tuition


Fall 2018 - July 13th    

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Winter 2018 - Oct. 6th

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How To Apply



Send in a full application for the prospective class: Full-Time Web Development or Part-Time Web Development


Essay & Recommendation

Fill out the essay questions in the scholarship application. Tell us why you're the best candidate. Next send your recommendation letter from either a school official, employer, teacher, or member of a community organization to


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