Become a Web Developer

We designed this part-time coding bootcamp for the go getters who want to keep their day job, but seek to pivot their career into web development. This part-time class doesn’t mean part-time effort. The biggest difference between our full-time course and this class is a little less in-class practice time, but with very similar content. This means we expect students to study outside of class too. Have faith in our process. With your hard work and dedication we have a recipe for success! We know because this isn’t our first rodeo.

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Beginner Friendly

JavaScript is the only language that can be run in the browser and on a server, which make it the most sought after skills in tech. It’s versatility, speed, and simpilicty make it the go to language for building single-page applications.

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Learning to Learn

Programming is always evolving. That's why we focus on teaching students how to learn and to think like a software engineer. Great programmers can adapt and adjust to new technologies that arise and grow with the technology field.

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Career Support

It’s our goal to support you in building the foundation to finding a new career as an entry-level developer. Be prepared for mock interviews, workshops, guest speakers, events, and to cap it off with Launch Day (graduation) to showcase what you accomplished to employers.

The DevPoint Labs Experience

More than just code. Whether you’re a local or coming from out-of-state we blend students into a vibrant developer community building life long friendships.

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DPL Nights | Hackathons

Unwind from learning during DPL led activities like The Bowling Classic, Tuesday Movie Nights, or some casual drinks. Start brainstorming some web app ideas and see how much you and your peers can accomplish in our 2 hackathons each cohort.

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Stay Energized

Start your day off right with our breakfast bar full of fruits and cereals. Not to mention the bottomless coffee to keep yourself dialed during class.

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Our central location in Downtown means that you can use public transportation like Trax or grab one of our passes from the city bikeshare program. Or join us during some nightlife activities.

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Coworking at Church & State

Built in 1893, this repurposed church was transformed into an eclectic entrepreneur sanctuary that we call home. It’s the place to be to build your network and meet other like- minded hardworking individuals.

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Daily Learning Schedule

Not everyday will be the same, but you can expect a mixture of lectures, presentations, follow alongs, hands-on exercises, pair programming, and group projects.


Full Stack Web Development Part-Time - 11 Weeks

Weeks 1 - 4

The first four weeks will establish the foundation for the remainder of the course. By the end of week four you’ll be armed with enough skills to build a full web app at the first hackathon.

  • Basic Ruby
  • OOP Foundations
  • Advanced Ruby
  • Ruby Gems
  • Git & Github
  • HTML / CSS
  • Ruby on Rails, MVC Pattern
  • Raw SQL (PostgreSQL)
  • ActiveRecord
  • Heroku
  • Bootstrap / Materalize Front-End Frameworks
  • Basic JavaScript / jQuery
  • Advanced Rails Concepts - Has Many Through, Nested Routes, Nested Attributes, Ect...
  • Mailers
  • Pagination
  • Rake Tasks
  • User Authentication
  • Delayed Jobs

Weeks 5 - 8

With a solid foundation in place you’ll learn your second programming language with JavaScript, jump into ReactJS, experience why testing is so important, and dig into APIs.

  • Rails Testing - RSpec, FactoryGirl, TDD
  • Package Managers - NPM, Yarn
  • ESNext
  • ReactJS
  • Webpack
  • React Router
  • Redux
  • Working With API's
  • Repack - Github

Weeks 9 - 11

To complete your boot camp experience, the last 3 weeks students, are solidifying core concepts from prior weeks as well as learning other JavaScript technologies such as Advanced Webpack / Redux that mix well with React. This is also the last stretch when students race the clock to complete their Project Portfolio for Launch Day.

  • Advanced Webpack - Code Splitting, CSS / Font Loaders, Webpack Performance
  • JavaScript Unit Testing
  • React Testing - JEST
  • Basic React Native App Development - IOS, Android
  • Rails Programming Patterns
  • Model and Controller Concerns / Helpers
  • Frontend Testing (Selenium)
  • SQL Refresher
  • JavaScript Charts / Graphs
  • React With Google Maps
  • Web Scraping
  • QA
  • Slideshows With React - Spectacle
  • Building Your Owns Gems
  • React / Redux / JavaScript Tips & Tricks
  • Dealing With Files In Rails
  • Real Time Apps With MessageBus
  • Intro To UI / UX Best Practices

Meet Your Instructors

World Class Industry Experts. Learn from our skilled Senior Developers.

Tuition / Dates

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